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About Us:

Intelliscient Technologies a boutique software development and Testing company.

We are also an MICT SETA® accredited Training provider (ACC/2016/07/0009)

A not-only-for-profit orgnization, INTL has till date trained in excess of 186 Previously Disadvantaged Individuals free of cost – and has assisted them in finding meaningful employment.

Our unique programs, which are spaced over 4-6 months allow our students to develop a deep understanding of the subject matter. This understanding, coupled with the actual practical work done by them during training helps them hit ground running.

We currently train candidates in manual and automated software testing. Our curriculums are co-designed with our customers – and are in sync with industry requirements.

As a student, you will find us a bunch of enthusiastic experienced individuals – who are experts in their fields; have a passion for teaching and a never say die attitude.

We are currently busy putting together courses on SAP ABAP and RPA.

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