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Automated Software Testing

HP UFT / QTP Automated Software Testing Curriculum:

The Intelliscient Automated Software Testing curriculum is designed to enable our students to hit the ground running.

The course is a blend of both technical and functional elements – which allows our students to blend quickly with the work environment; and quickly become productive

Testing Fundamentals:

  • What is software testing and the Principles around Testing
  • Different system development methodologies and how testing fits in these methodology
  • Types of Testing
  • Practical implementation of Testing Techniques – EP / BVA / Decision Tables
  • Scenario Extraction Process using real life applications

VB Scripting:

  • Introduction to programming
  • Introduction to VB script
  • Logical Thinking
  • VB script Concept I – Variables
  • VB script Concept II – Select structures
  • VB script Concept III – Looping structures
  • VB script Concept IV – Arrays
  • VB script Concept V – Functions and sub procedures
  • VB script Concept VI – OOP
  • VB script Concept VII – In-built VB script functions


Overview of automated testing

  • Manual vs Automated Testing
  • Basic concepts of automated testing
  • What is QTP / UFT
  • Knowing the tool
    • Record and playback
    • Record and Run Time Setting
    • Types of recording (normal, low level and analog)

Working with Actions and Functions
Descriptive Programming in QTP

  • Descriptive Programming Basics, Syntax and Examples
  • Using Regular Expressions, Description Objects and Ordinal Identifier in Descriptive Programming

Working with Data table & Parameterization

Objects and methods

  • Object models in QTP
  • Objects in QTP- Test, Run Time and Utility Object.
  • Object Repository (Local & Shared Repository)
  • Object Identification
  • Object Spy and Smart Identification.
  • Virtual Objects
  • Sync,Wait, Exist Methods
  • SystemUtil and InvokeApplication Method

Check Points

  • Standard check points
  • Bit map check points
  • Text check points
  • Text area check points
  • File content check points

Output values

  • Standard output value
  • Text output value

Error Handling

  • Syntax Errors
  • Logical Errors
  • Run Time Errors

Candidates for automated testing


  • Business Process Modelling
  • HPQC
  • Database Fundamentals

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