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Manual Software Testing

Manual Testing Course

Theory (partly based on ISTQB – this will mold the intern for the ISTQB exam within 6-8 months)

Fundamentals of Testing

  • What is software
  • What is software testing
  • Why is Testing Necessary?
  • What are defects, bugs, incidents and failures and from where do they arise
  • Seven principles of testing
  • Overview of fundamental test process

Testing throughout the lifecycle

  • How is software build
  • Different Software development methodologies
  • How is testing a part of SDLC and not a standalone process
  • Software testing levels
  • Software testing types
  • Maintenance testing

Testing design techniques

  • Why do we need techniques
  • Categories of test design techniques
  • Black box testing or Specification-based
  • Equivalence partitioning (EP)
  • Boundary Value Analysis (BVA)
  • Decision tables
  • State transition testing
  • White box testing or Structure-based
  • Test coverage
    • Types of coverage
      • Statement coverage
      • Decision coverage
  • Experience-based testing
  • Error guessing
  • Exploratory testing

Practical (Hands-on curriculum preparing the intern to hit the ground running)

Requirement analysis

  • Understand various types of documents
  • How to read a requirements specification
  • Mark testable and non-testable requirements
  • Capture requirements on a spreadsheet

Designing scenarios

  • What is a scenario
  • Design scenarios based on the requirements captured
  • Apply dynamic testing techniques
  • Link scenarios to requirements

Write test cases

  • What are test cases
  • Standard of a test cases
  • Write test cases of the scenarios designed
  • Link test cases to scenarios to requirements

Defect management

  • Identifying defects
  • Logging defects on spread sheets with information needed by the developer
  • Retesting fixed defects and closing them
  • Retesting fixed defects and re-opening them


  • Working with MS Office
  • Software Solutions Landscapes
  • Stake holders in Business
  • SDLC Artefacts

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